Boplan RE Rackbull Flex Impact Rack Protection

The RackBull from Boplan is an innovative rack protection system within the FLEX IMPACT® range, to help prevent rack collapse due to crashes. The lack of a single international standard in racking dimensions makes it particularly difficult for companies to find rack protection that will fit on all of their racking. After all, there are currently various diameters common in rack supports. RackBull deals with that problem in a spectacular way. With this rack protection, you won’t have to worry about exact measurements anymore, because RackBull is the first universal rack protector in the market.

With the RackBull system to protect your racking, you no longer need to worry about complex installation procedures. After all, the RackBull is installed with a single click. You just push the rack protection against the racking supports and it automatically snaps into place. Fast, efficient and extraordinarily easy!

Optional Dust Cap & Impact Foam

This optional dust cap can be fitted to your RackBull protectors to prevent dust and small debris such as cardboard and plastic from collecting in between the RackBull and the racking. It also prevents anything from being accidentally or purposely dropped inside your RackBull such as keys, coins, rubbish and other small items This small plastic dust cap fits neatly on top of the RackBull around your racking completing the professional appearance of your rack protectors.

Our optional impact foam can be added to your RackBull protectors to provide an extra impact absorption feature. This small rubber accessory fits perfectly inside your RackBull between your racking and the protector. RackBull is already extremely shock absorbent and strong but this optional foam will offer extra fortification. This is particularly beneficial if your RackBull is being installed in areas where there is a high risk of collisions taking place, as it will strengthen the impact protection.

Technical Specs

• ​Made from our BSP polymer with dynamic memory, specifically engineered to absorb impacts and then immediately return to its original shape
• Light and easy to install
• Color: Std. Yellow, other colors available



FLEX IMPACT® has been specially designed to absorb the force released in a collision with a heavy vehicle. In the event of a collision, the material simply bends and then returns to its original shape again afterwards.


Various modular building blocks can be used to compose a variety of configurations. The locking method doesn’t require screws or bolts, allowing certain freedom of movement between connecting elements. A fixed locking method would increase the risk to break upon impact.


FLEX IMPACT® safety products are much lighter and therefore much easier to transport than their classic counterparts in steel. One might expect light materials to be weaker, but that is far from the truth.


The flexible polymer used in our FLEX IMPACT® safety products is at least equal to the classic steel safety solutions that have been outpaced by modern technology.


FLEX IMPACT® crash protection requires little to no maintenance. In addition, due to the impact resistance, the costs of restoration and replacement will be kept to a minimum.


When colliding against one of our FLEX IMPACT® safety products, the force of the impact will be absorbed by the flexible polymer and subsequently distributed throughout the entire volume of the safety post or safety fences. The force of the impact will therefore no longer be focused on the base. This ensures that the FLEX IMPACT products will last much longer and withstand collisions far better without damaging the floor.


In the execution of the safety tests, we work in close collaboration with highly recommended partners, such as Transpolis L.I.E.R. laboratories. When the tests produce a successful result, these authorities grant us their certification and label.


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