Bringing you Parking Smart Solutions to solve all your parking challenges


You can leave the parking lot with peace of mind, thanks to our highly accurate sensory system. Once it detects your car’s departure, our parking products will automatically close, and your parking spot or parking lot will be safe from unauthorized access.


Managing your Parklio products is effortless with the free Parklio Connect app. You can easily raise or lower your parking barrier, gate barrier, chain barrier, or retractable bollard and share access with other users. The app utilizes Bluetooth technology to connect seamlessly with your Parklio products, providing you with a convenient and efficient way to manage your parking area without the need for an internet connection.


Take control of your parking products from the comfort of your home or office with the Parklio Parking Managment System. With remote access to all our products, you can conveniently monitor real-time product statuses and access parking analytics, empowering you with successful parking management.


We design our products with your needs in mind, ensuring they meet the highest quality standards and incorporate the latest technology. We take special care to provide you with smart parking solutions that deliver exceptional quality and simplify your parking management.


With Parklio’s parking protection line and software, parking operators can ensure the highest level of security for their parking lots, as well as have complete control over access and monitoring. This will provide a safe and secure parking environment for customers, and increase the operational efficiency of parking operators.


Share access to your parking space or parking lot with friends, family, work colleagues, or clients just by sending them virtual keys via the Connect app or PMS. You can also choose whether to give them unlimited access or a specific period of key activity!

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