We take health and safety seriously with our installations, to ensure the safety of our installers, your staff, your company, and the environment. Our project managers are all trained in Hazard And Risk Management (HARM) standards, and are familiar with all standard work permit systems and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) forms.
All our installers are trained in the installation of all our barrier products and are also familiar with all standard site induction and health and safety procedures and requirements.


With your installation you will be assigned a project manager who will be your go-to contact for any questions, queries, concerns or project changes. Our hands-on approach is what makes us unique and we strive to ensure your project is completed safely on-time and with minimal disruption to your workplace. And of course – looking great!


We know that in real life things sometimes look a little different than expected, and that once the actual install takes place you might decide that perhaps it needs a slight tweek. We are more than happy to accommodate changes on the job and your project manager will work through this with you on site.


Once our installers have completed the installation we’ll give you a call or visit your site if possible to ensure your satisfied with the work completed. We’re only satisfied if you are!


Where possible we use concrete screw anchors to secure our barriers to the ground. Screw anchors have up to 3x the pull-out resistance compared to standard concrete sleeve style anchors. They are also easily removable should you need to replace or relocate your barrier in the future.

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