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Engaging your employees in workplace safety is essential for your company’s success.

When workers are engaged, they will go out of their way to ensure things are done correctly, particularly when it comes to complying with company policies and staying aware of warehouse safety procedures. But how exactly do you encourage your staff to become more engaged in workplace health and safety? What can your organisation do to better inspire your workforce?

Let’s discuss some key tips on how to create a safe working environment for your employees through active engagement.

Involve them in the Safety Program

One of the most important factors in your safety procedures is your employees’ involvement. It is crucial that you allow workers to get involved in your regularly scheduled safety meetings and to encourage them to participate in emergency response teams. Let them sample hand tools and other equipment necessary in their line of work. Discuss with them all policy changes on safety risks before anything is implemented. This will allow employees to feel they have an active role and that their involvement is vital to the success of the program.

Listen to Understand

Another way to get workers involved is to cultivate an environment wherein staff members can freely voice their opinions and concerns without fear. This will allow them to ask the questions they need to ask and voice without hesitation any ideas they may have on how to improve the program. Listen closely to your staff to more genuinely understand their concerns and point of view and offer them reassurance and resolutions.

Consider and Respect Employees’ Ideas

Alongside listening to your employees, be sure to consider their ideas and respect what they have to say. Make sure to speak to them as equals and let them know that their voices are heard. Solicit ideas when developing risk assessments and other solutions to various hazards. After all, these are the best people to ask for assistance and recommendation. Plus, they will likely pay more attention if they know that they are being listened to and that mutual respect is evident.

Give Positive Feedback

It’s always a good thing to share positive feedback. Employees won’t always get it right at all times so be sure to keep a positive mindset and to remember that there’s always room for improvement and that implementation is a process.

Promote Open Communication

Ensuring good communication is the same as keeping your door open at all times. This means employees can come to you in any time of need, that you address their concerns in a timely manner, and that you ensure solutions. You can also hold informal discussions with them about safety and explain to them why safety rules are important.

Set Clear Guidelines

In order to better engage employees in workplace safety procedures, you must also be clear about what you’re implementing. Inform them of your goals, make them understand why they should strive for these goals, and discuss clear steps on how to achieve them. It helps to have visible signs or infographics as well to ensure these guidelines are top-of-mind.

Reinforce Positive Behaviour

Upon recognising their hard work, it’s also important to reinforce positive behaviours to let workers know that they are on the right track. Thank them for effectively practising safe work habits. This, in turn, will motivate them to repeat these progressive habits. It’s also helpful that you reaffirm your employees’ hard work and show appreciation for their efforts.


Active employee engagement benefits everyone


A positive workplace environment is often an accurate reflection of management characteristics and can drastically improve safety performance. When these tips are properly implemented, not only will they benefit the company, they will also ensure workers a safe working environment and enable them to feel a sense of pride and autonomy over their own work. When your employees are actively involved and genuinely excited about your work processes and warehouse safety procedures, safety incidents will lessen and it will boost employee productivity and employee morale.


DexSafe knows just how to achieve a non-hazardous working environment. By promoting effective safety measures and provision of safety equipment, you’re ensured business success. Contact us to learn more about our processes and safety solutions.