NewsA DexSafe ForkSafe safety barrier installed in a warehouse next to a forklift

Have you decided to move forward with new workplace barrier systems? Safety barriers are effective ways to enhance the health and safety of your warehouse, but you may be wondering: what’s the installation process going to look like?

Systems like DexSafe’s Forksafe forklift barriers will alter the layout and workflow of your warehouse. The installation process may temporarily disrupt your routines, but these inconveniences are more than worth the health and safety benefits you’ll gain from them. That said, you should prepare yourself for the installation process of your upcoming barrier systems. At DexSafe, we’re committed to ensuring that the installation of our safety barriers never poses a risk to your staff, your company, or your warehouse inventory. Continue reading to learn what to expect!

1. Get to know your project manager

A specialised team will be tasked with ensuring the installation of your new safety barriers is quick, proper, and thorough. They will be led by an expert project manager who will work with you to keep the project from interfering with your workflow.

Before installation begins, your project manager will scope your worksite to develop a detailed plan of action. They will be available throughout the project to answer questions and address concerns. Project managers are also tasked with adapting installation plans when needs change. Commonly, warehouse managers discover that a barrier system plan needs to be adjusted because it poses too jarring a change to the existing workflow. Your project manager will have the experience necessary to adapt the plan even when it’s already underway.

2. Allow for an adjustment period

That said, safety barriers will always alter your warehouse workflow processes somewhat. After all, their entire function is to limit movement and direct foot and machinery traffic to avoid accidents. Don’t be surprised if your workforce needs time to adjust to this new reality. You may find you need to update certain procedures and review the new layout so that your workers can plot their new routes. Your project manager can also address their decision-making process, explaining why the new safety barriers are where they are and the specific hazards they’ve been positioned to prevent.

3. Higher workplace safety awareness

Once the installation is complete, your project manager will sign off on the project by reviewing the work and ensuring you are satisfied with the results. If any further changes are necessary, we’ll make sure they’re taken care of before stepping aside.

Whether you want more entryways protected with SpanSafe expandable barriers or you worry that more of your warehouse perimeter needs to be protected with PedSafe pedestrian barriers, we’re not satisfied until you feel entirely safe.

A safety barrier system tailored to your workplace

At DexSafe, our motivation is to get each of your warehouse employees home safe at the end of every day. Our safety barrier installation process, from the initial site survey through to sign-off, is proven to maximise safety while minimising disruption to your daily operations. Contact Dexsafe to make your barrier system needs a reality.