Newswarehouse safety procedures

Industrial safety barriers are crucial in any hazardous workplace as they play a major role in decreasing the incidents usually present in industrial working environments. Worksafe reports that there is an average of 32 fatalities per year in different industries including manufacturing and construction. It is no secret that there are many risks involved. As such, implementing warehouse safety procedures is necessary to lessen these mishaps.

Let’s take a closer look and explore the key places where safety barriers are necessary, as well as what solutions to look out for when it comes to implementing safety barriers in the workplace.

Barriers in Pedestrian Zones and Walkways

As warehouse owners, it is your responsibility to protect your employees from heavy equipment and hazardous workstations. Pedestrian barriers are essential to ensure that passersby are safe, and productivity can proceed uninterrupted.

The PedSafe Barrier System keeps people away from caution zones of forklift trucks and other vehicles. It provides a clear visual barrier between walkways and warehouse traffic to ensure personnel safety. Since the PedSafe is fully modular, it can be used in long walkways and small areas and it reduces the possibility of accidents in the workplace.

Barriers in Loading and Unloading Areas

Working in a unique environment busy with machinery, people, and large amounts of product will naturally involve numerous risks. Implementing safety barriers where traffic is high, such as loading and unloading areas, can give you and your equipment adequate protection.

Blindspots and errors from vehicle operators can cause considerable dangers. Forksafe barriers, an impact barrier system, is a quality engineered barrier ideal for work environments such as factories. It is fully modular, which makes it suitable for most applications. It also features an integrative design which makes it possible to fit in with the PedSafe barrier for added protection.

Barriers around Machinery

Safeguarding your equipment will not only save your fleet but can also save your workers’ lives. Not only that, vehicle collisions can bring potential damages to your equipment and company goods which have their own financial implication. To make sure that you decrease the risk of possible collisions, installing a safety barrier around your machinery can save you from physical injuries and costly repairs.

SpanSafe is an expandable barrier that concertinas out to various lengths. It can be used in doorways, around machinery, and any place where a removable barrier is required. It is easy to install and is available in different heights to suit a variety of applications.

Minimise Risk and Hazards

All businesses should practice safety engagement with employees regardless of their size, level of risk, or type of work they carry out. All in all, it is vital to be proactive when it comes to minimising risks in the workplace. In order to effectively do this, companies should carefully look into and analyse workplace traffic, identify each section’s risks, and specify and install safety barriers that protect against harm.

At DexSafe, we want to ensure that your company performs at its best ensuring maximum protection. Our top-rated safety barrier solutions ensure everyone goes home safe, every day. Get in touch with our workplace consultants today to get professional advice.