BO 200 Force

Due to its strength and impact-resistant flexibility, the BO 200 FORCE is the most effective solution when it comes to protecting gates, access ways, corners and machines from impacts up to 16.000 Joule. The deformation that occurs after each crash will disappear once the vehicle draws back. This eliminates the need for post-impact repairs

For the BO 200 FORCE, Boplan® developed a new, improved and patented polymer that can handle those extreme impact values.

Available in 3 heights

  • 750 mm (30 in)
  • 1000 mm (40 in)
  • 1200 mm (47 in)

Maximum visibility

The BO 200 FORCE posts come in a variety of distinctive colors and patterns, making them highly visible in any situation.

  • Yellor or Black (standard)
  • With 1, 2 or 3 stripes (yellow, black or white)v


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