SignMark 200

With the BOPLAN® SignMark 200 you can easily add important messages in the workplace there where they are most relevant and visible. The SignMark 200 can be installed on every Ø 200mm tube of a bollard, goal post, traffic barrier or other in order to convey the right message at the right spot: one way traffic, speed limits, mandatory safety equipment, special warnings, etc. The sign boards are designed for a perfect fit and signs can easily be replaced with just a click.

  • Flexible: The SignMark 200 can be mounted at any height on a horizontal or vertical tube
  • Easy to install: The black cover panel can be clicked, screwed or glued onto the holder
  • Perfect fit: The SignMark 200 is designed for a perfect fit on any Ø 200mm tube, ensuring a clean and aesthetic look
  • Personalize: Compatible with all standard stickers with a diameter of 200 mm
  • Available stickers: The SignMark 200 can be delivered with a BOPLAN® sticker of your choice


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